DiversifyIT Committees

Join us!

DiversifyIT is looking for interested colleagues to contribute to our ongoing work at Duke.  Contact us at DiversifyIT-info@duke.edu to participate.


The Programming subcommittee provides participatory, in-person learning opportunities for IT and non-IT staff at Duke to promote value and belonging. Programs provide responsible and effective tools for challenging norms to improve how we value each other and our work.


Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications subcommittee brings awareness to the DiversifyIT efforts and brand. Projects include maintaining the website, email list and communication channels, such as Duke Event Calendar or Duke Flyers. 



The Data subcommittee gathers data from a variety of sources in support of DiversifyIT activities. Common activities are gathering, reporting and evaluating data to enhance the efforts of the other subcommittees.


Community Engagement

The Community Engagement subcommittee provides information about participatory opportunities for IT professionals at Duke to serve and support partners outside of Duke. It promotes awareness of Information Technology as an interesting career path, especially for K-12 grade students, and builds relationships with community institutions to better support and serve each others needs.