Our Mission:

To encourage the Duke IT community to join the conversation about the value of differences in the workplace while advancing inclusion and diversity in our community by providing professional development, networking, and outreach opportunities.

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SubCommittee Teams:


The Data team gathers data from a variety of sources in support DiversifyIT activities that informs the decision making of DiversifyIT, provides information to a variety of stakeholders and validates the efforts of the group.


    • Gather data from events and other public activities of DiversifyIT.
    • Review analytics data from websites and other online tools managed by DiversifyIT.
    • Provide reports to guide recommendations for change to online resources.
    • Develop methods to present data in various forms to DiversifyIT and/or stakeholders to report on the activities of the group.
    • Identify data sources not directly connected to DiversifyIT activities that may support the mission of DiversifyIT.

Community Engagement:

The Community Engagement team promote public awareness of Information Technology as an interesting, challenging career path that would benefit greatly from broadening its recruitment pool to include more women and minorities. They offer DiversifyIT and other IT human resources to Durham and the Triangle for purposes of educating and promoting information technology as an exciting and viable career path specifically for under-served populations and work to help K-12 and non-traditional students choose or remain on STEM-related educational paths


      • Provide participatory, in-person learning opportunities with IT staff for people outside the Duke community
      • Specific focus on enhancement of educational experiences for K-12 students in schools, camps, and other programs
      • Build new relationships with community institutions for the purpose of creating new programming (i.e. Durham Public Libraries, Durham Tech)
      • Create new IT educational opportunities for the public, especially K-12 students, at Duke (i.e. tours of IT-related facilities for school groups, etc.)

Marketing and Communications:

The Marketing and Communications team is responsible for increasing awareness of the DiversifyIT efforts and brand by propagating information in various ways, including tools such as the website, mailing list, teams channels, and external sources.


      • Updating the websites, teams channel, and mailing list regarding upcoming programming
      • Drafting and promoting the group and events to larger audiences
      • Creating posts, images, and other resources to promote events and conversation topics that drive participation, awareness, and action


    The Programming team provides participatory, in-person learning opportunities for IT and non-IT staff at Duke that raise awareness beyond own experience, provide opportunity for storytelling from shared experience, provide analysis and perspective and provide responsible and effective tools for challenging norms that do not improve how we value each other and our work.


        • Work on the logistical tasks necessary to host programming (presenters, attendees, scheduling, etc)
        • Vet new programming ideas presented to subcommittee for meeting goals and objectives, including supporting the goals of other subcommittees such as community engagement and recruitment