“I looked around and everyone was…”

silohuette profiles of 3 people looking at reflection in mirror

Have you ever walked in a room and noticed your differences — or similarities — with everyone else? What is that like for you?

At our next Brown Bag Lunch on Thursday, Dec. 2 at noon, let’s talk about it:

  • Do you think it’s ever okay for there to be only one demographic represented?
  • When does that feel okay/not okay?
  • What are some reasons that you feel have contributed to a lack of diversity in a space you’ve been in?
  • Have you been in spaces where who’s in the room or at the table is acknowledged and talked about? What was that like?

Zoom link: https://duke.zoom.us/j/96855765628
Meeting ID: 968 5576 5628

Bring your lunch and join us for the conversation, Thursday, December 2 at noon!