Want change? Be IT. Join DiversifyIT.

side profile of a man with DiversifyIT logo on it

Through the DiversifyIT listserv, you’ve gotten a new idea from a great article or connected meaningfully with a colleague, or attended a thought-provoking event.

Is there more you can do? Yes! DiversifyIT is busy working behind the scenes to bring you all of these resources.

Our mission: “To encourage the Duke IT community to join the conversation about the value of differences in the workplace while advancing inclusion and diversity in our community by providing professional development, networking, and outreach opportunities”.

Who is doing the work?

DiversifyIT efforts are led by a committee made up of IT professionals from across the University. The work is shared between 8 at-large members and supported by 2 senior-leader sponsors and 2 advisors. Together we lead 4 subcommittees – Programming, Communications, Community Engagement, and Data. Subcommittee members include additional members of our community based on the type of project and effort.

Membership Guidelines: https://duke.box.com/s/w8dme23wf1ibp3ewcn12gexf0w0yud7t

Subcommittees: https://diversifyit.duke.edu/diversifyit-committees/

Do you want change? Be IT.

Our current committee is looking for new members. Are you ready to take on more to make your workplace better for all? New members are nominated and elected by the current committee. We are currently accepting nominations for our open spots. Committee members contribute 10-15 hours per month and require supervisor support to participate. To nominate yourself or a colleague: Send an email to DiversifyIT at diversifyIT-info@duke.edu by Friday, Sept. 10 with a paragraph identifying the qualities and characteristics of the nominee that would serve our mission. Nominations must include an acknowledgment from the supervisor of their support.

Nominees will be contacted either way by the committee in September.

If you have any questions, please contact co-chairs Laura Webb (laura.e.webb@duke.edu) or La’Shawnda Kendall (lashawnda.kendall@duke.edu) with questions.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you.