Follow up to ‘Introduction to Neurodiversity’

If you missed last Thursday, you missed some revelations!

DiversifyIT held, “What’s new? An Introduction to Neurodiversity,” at 2 p.m., Aug. 6, 2021, with Kimberly Blackshear, Dr. Tara Chandrasekhar, and Sarah Brandsen who helped us with some of the most common misconceptions about autism and other brain differences that we sometimes get wrong. If you attended, please take a moment to complete our survey.

graphic of a pink woman head with brain and title What's New? An Introduction to NeurodiversityHow many of us have spent a lot of time trying to fit in to social norms, or know someone who does and still struggle with acceptance and perceived normality?

We went over some terminology and were offered perspectives to identify advantages and positive aspects of neurodiversity.  We learned about stimming, sensory processing issues, and why masking can be so tiring.   We discussed changes that can be made in the workplace to make it easier for neurodiverse, and indeed all colleagues, to deal with sensory issues, unclear communication, and unspoken office culture ‘rules.’

They spoke about the ongoing discrimination and outright abuse happening against neurodiverse people, and asked us all to consider how we can address these atrocities.  Neurodiverse and disabled people, especially those that are also people of color, are some of the worst persecuted people in our country today.

Many of us learned some things about ourselves and even more about how to be more inclusive and how to be more aware of people around us who may not function the way that we do.

It was a wonderful introduction and hopefully it will encourage all of us to explore the topic more widely and embrace changes that will make our offices more accessible for neurodiverse people that work with us.

The key thing that I heard yesterday was to start normalizing not being normal!  Take some time to review these resources for further learning: