Please take a selfie for us -deadline extended!

For publicity purposes, we would like to compile images to create a mosaic featuring the nearly 300 members of DiversifyIT.  To capture all the individuality that makes us truly diverse, we are asking for photo images, or selfies, from the community. Our selfies should show us in our natural habitats doing what we love the most (besides sleeping, lol).

The photo images should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Show you doing something active and uniquely you. (Rock climbing, gardening, fishing, etc.)
  2. Have your face clear and in focus. No extreme close-ups, and no shots larger than head-to-waist. Vertical shots are preferred.
  3. Check the lighting and make sure you are properly lit.  No backlit shots in front of windows, please!

Using the timer on your mobile phone might be helpful. Photos taken by others are acceptable as well. It does not have to be a selfie. If these instructions are still unclear, please see Exhibit A below. (Thanks Brandon Johnson!)

Upload all photos with your first and last name to this Box folder by Aug. 16, 2021:

We are hoping to fill the folder with nearly 300 images. Every one counts!

Brandon in greenhouse