Movie Club, 7/14: Exploited, Excluded, American |“Asian Americans”

images of Asian Americans with primary color overlay

In July, DiversifyIT will host a movie club, led by Duke University Libraries staff members Angela Zoss and Will Sexton, to discuss the PBS five-part film series Asian Americans from 3:30-4:30 p.m. on the following Wednesdays in July:

  • July 14
  • July 21
  • July 28


Meeting ID: 936 9180 6275
Passcode: 466171

Watch “Asian Americans” series online:

Ep. 1:
Ep. 2:
Ep 3:
Ep 4:
Ep 5:

You are expected to view one or two episodes each week before our discussion.
The five episodes of the series will be split across three separate discussions to allow for deeper discussions and more time to process what we learn.

Each episode covers a different period of history and shares stories from the lives of individuals in America, and we’ll also see the same themes come up again and again over the course of history.

While each movie club meeting will focus on one or two episodes of the film series, everyone is welcome to attend, whether or not you have been able to watch the episodes.

Discussions will start with reflections on the episodes, but we hope and expect to include other experiences and resources that naturally arise when thinking about the historical themes.

This film series was chosen based on discussions this past spring about violence against the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, raising awareness about the history of oppression these communities have faced.