Follow Up: The COVID-19 Impact in India

Thank you all for joining us again today to talk about the affects of COVID-19 in India.

We often find ourselves consumed with our day to day that we hardly look up to see that our neighbor is hurting. But it’s important to remember that our neighbor’s pain is our pain. While India’s infection and death rate due to COVID-19 has increased, we don’t forget that though India is another country, we’re only a chat, zoom or phone call away from supporting our families, friends and co-workers. During the chat for today, we talked about how we have to be vigilant in our own healthcare so that we don’t cause an increase in our own communities. We have to continue to uphold the practices that we’ve adopted over the last year to remain healthy.

We also need to remember that the pandemic is not over, we are still losing loved ones.

Reach out to your co-workers, those you haven’t seen, haven’t heard from, ask them if they’re ok.

Remember that many of us are struggling with grief, we’re all struggling with fear and trying to suppress panic.

Let’s continue to support each other, let’s continue to show grace and strength.

Please share resources for ways to help in other countries as well as India to our listserv here, so that we can do more. Let’s keep the conversation going.

–La’Shawnda Kendall