Follow up to Brown Bag Lunch on AAPI Experience

Many thanks to everyone who showed up to share and discuss The Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islanders experience. This topic was sparked due to the recent reports of increased and/or more flagrant violence targeting the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) community, events that have impacted our community. Almost 60 people came – one of our most well-attended Brown Bag Lunches. There were so many of you, we had to break out into rooms for small group discussion.

different words that spell out diversity with a rainbow

It is yet another critical conversation that needs to continue as we challenge social inequities and our own biases.

Part of the discussion focused on how we show up and support each other not only during, but before times of struggle. Are we checking on the people we care about? Are we jumping all in or possibly waiting for a sign or signal for our turn to go?

One of our colleagues shared that growing up, “Asians are culturally socialized to respect authority, be polite, keep quiet and not rock the boat.” This means that it’s very likely that we have other colleagues and friends who are hurting and may not feel that they can speak up. We may want to encourage them to speak out and speak their truths. But is that *how* they need support?

The time is now to reach out and check on one another. Ask the questions to find out what the people you care for need. It may not be the easiest road, but no one should be made to travel alone. The next DiversifyIT event, Living (IT) While Black: The Boardroom is on Wednesday at 1 p.m.

What Do You Think They Are Talking About?: A Conversation Between Black Leaders Ed Gomes, Kirk Rouser, Rodney Cozart, Taron Mattocks, Carl McMillon

1 – 2 p.m., Wednesday, March 31
Meeting ID: 995 5990 1039; Passcode: 856611