What Do You Think They Are Talking About?: A Conversation Between Black Leaders Ed Gomes, Kirk Rouser, Rodney Cozart, Taron Mattocks, Carl McMillon

In this part of the Living (IT) While Black series, we will hear from IT leadership, the ones with the vantage point and the power to make real change.

They will be in public conversation with each other, sharing their perspectives on race, how it factors into their leadership. Many of them have been on this journey with us, have processed what they’ve learned, and are ready to dig deeper. Some questions we’ve already asked them to consider:

  • How do you talk about race among your colleagues and peers?
  • When you are considering how to delegate tasks or who to include in projects, how do you determine who’s included?
  • Do you consider diversity and inclusion when you think about your staff?

The format will be the same – a 30-minute discussion among leaders, followed by a moderated 30-minute Q&A.

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