Follow up to March 23rd Boardroom with Mary McKee and Nick Tripp

On Tuesday afternoon members of OIT’s leadership, Mary McKee and Nick Tripp, shared their experiences with race. It was raw, powerful and deeply personal, with several drop the mic moments. You had to be there!

What Mary and Nick offered us was so rare and special, it is difficult to summarize, nor should we. They came with their whole selves, did not hold back, and have clearly reckoned with race, at home and at work. They are challenging white supremacy through small and big acts.

  • Can you see them as modeling antiracism for other IT leaders at Duke?
  • Can you also see how race applies to white people?
  • What is keeping you from being an ally?
  • What are you afraid you’ll lose?
  • What do you still need to know/learn in order to be an ally? What will it take?

What other questions do YOU have? How else can you show others how to be antiracist?

As Nick said, showing up and listening is the first step.

“It’s easy to make it an academic or a professional project that we’re taking on, but, at the end of the day, we’re talking about people’s lives and this is personal. … How many of us spent more time in this past year on sourdough starters than on shifting their minds to be more antiracist?”

Here’s something you can do now: make a point to attend the next Living (IT) While Black: The Boardroom next Wednesday at 1 p.m. Join us on this journey.

What Do You Think They Are Talking About?: A Conversation Between Black Leaders Ed Gomes, Kirk Rouser, Rodney Cozart, Taron Mattocks, Carl McMillon
1 – 2 p.m., Wednesday, March 31
Meeting ID: 995 5990 1039; Passcode: 856611