DiversifyIT at TechExpo 2021

DiversifyIT will have a session at TechExpo 2021: The Show Must Go On! at 12:45 p.m., Friday, March 19, 2021.


To attend, you will need to register for TechExpo here: https://rsvp.duke.edu/event/a47b9a5d-b3dc-4724-9263-8455689c824b/summary


We hope to see you there!


Living (IT) While Black – The Reunion Special: Where are they now?

As the country’s racial tensions reached a boiling point last summer, DiversifyIT addressed the emotion of the moment head on in the series “Living (IT) While Black.” The 3-part series provided a platform for Black and white voices to share deeply personal and powerful experiences with the Duke IT community in hopes of raising awareness, fostering compassion and creating a space for change.


Since the series, more than a hundred members of Duke’s IT community have attended DiversifyIT events – lunch talks, book and film discussions, and themed programming — to actively identify racism on Duke’s campus, its causes, effects, and remedies.


Due to the resounding acclaim of last summer’s Living (IT) While Black, DiversifyIT co-chairs Laura Webb and La’Shawnda Kendall will host a reunion of the courageous individuals who shared their stories. Listen to them again. How have things have changed? Has the change been long-lasting or short-lived? What did they learn from the experience? More importantly, what will you learn?


This will be a panel discussion followed by an interactive breakout session.