You, Too, Can Host a DiversifyIT Brown Bag Lunch

Looking for something bigger? Want to take another step? It all starts with a Brown Bag Lunch.

There is no hierarchy to oppression. We’ve been focused on Black and white issues for the past year, and there are more issues we can discuss. In honor of our intersectionality and the many identities we all bring to the table, DiversifyIT would like to invite members of the listserv to come forward. Consider it an open invitation to hold the mic, as needed. Because when one of us hurts, we all hurt.

From our conversations on the Teams channel, some other ideas have emerged:

  • Religious discrimination
  • Anti-Asian violence
  • Women in technology
  • Accessibility

How to Host a Brown Bag Lunch

  1. Propose a topic that you think will garner interest among our membership: What issue do you want to address? What is your goal?
  2. Email the DiversifyIT leadership team for support:
  3. Set a date on the calendar. Brown Bag Lunches are always at noon.