In case you missed it – My Work is My Protest video

If you weren’t able to attend the November 5th presentation by Dr Nick Washington “My Work is My Protest” , here’s a video playback of the event.

My Work is My Protest – Conversations with Dr Nicki Washington

Numerous events of 2020 have placed a national spotlight on the inequities and inequalities that are present in K-16 education and society at large. In this conversation, Dr. Nicki Washington discusses how her personal journey in computing influenced her research on identity in computing, including the development of her “Race, Gender, Class, and Computing” course and why “teaching is political.”

What’s Next
• Dr. Washington’s Reading List: (not currently listed but recommended by Dr. Washington: “Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness” by Simone Brown)
• Real MVPs noted by Dr. Washington include Dr. Timnit Gebru, Joy Buolamwini, Dr. Rediet Abebe, Deb Raji, Mutale Nkonde, Dr. Ruha Benjamin, Dr. Simone Browne, and Dr. Safiya Noble
• The Identity in Computing Group //
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o “Interrupting Bias in Industry Settings” //
o “Intersectionality in Tech 101” //
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o “The Color of Our Future” //
o “The Importance of Complexity in Attending to Intersectionality” //

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