FOLLOW UP: How Duke Libraries Learned from the Black Student Experience

Hello all,


Thanks to everyone who attended last week’s event, How Duke Libraries Learned from the Black Student Experience, presented by Emily Daly. For those of you who were not able to attend, you can view the presentation slides: And attached is the Racial Justice Roadmap, referenced in the discussion.


As you’ll see, it was a very thoughtful presentation, and there were lots of ideas for how to amplify Black voices and make change happen in your own departments and units. We hope you were able to reflect on actions you can take right away. Here are some take-away questions for you to think about:


  • Who else needs to know the information in the Library’s survey and report?
  • What do you need to ask your manager or director to elevate and respond to the needs of the Black experience?
  • Have you considered conducting a survey of the black experience for your team or the ‘customers’ who you serve on campus?


If you’d like to follow up with Emily or Joyce Chapman in Duke Libraries to learn more about the survey they conducted, you can reach them at emily.daly@duke.eduand


For those who attended, please take a few minutes to respond to our own follow-up survey:


Your response will help with upcoming programming. Let’s keep the momentum going!


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