Book Club – Black dignity in a world made for whiteness by Austin Channing Brown.


On October 14th, we’ll have the next installment of the DiversifyIT book club. We met today [ and had a great discussion on the first couple of chapters of our first book, I’m still here. Black dignity in a world made for whiteness by Austin Channing Brown.


We agreed to continue the conversation on this book for our next meeting. So if you were hoping to discuss this book and could not make it, here is another chance.


During the first meeting, we discussed the stories behind our names and racial consideration that were made, or not, with our naming or the naming of our children. We also discussed how we first became aware of race and what it meant for us, and what diversity or the lack of it was like in our childhood spaces.


Next time come prepared to discuss chapters 3 and 4 (pages 40 to 66). Below are some questions to ponder about these chapters. These discussions can be nicely freewheeling but a little structure and ability to consider ideas ahead is nice for the introverts among us. Hope to see you there.


  1. Austin notes that there were not any major racial incidents when she was in high school. Were there any major racial incidents in your high school experience?
  2. Professor Crendalyn McMath was an important person in Austin’s life because she was her first black teacher… in college! When did you have your first black teacher, supervisor, or pastor?
  3. There came a major turning point in Austin’s life on a college trip called Sankofa. On this trip she committed her life to pursuing racial justice when a friend of hers declared that doing nothing is no longer an option for her. When did you decide that “doing nothing is no longer an option” for you?
  4. Traveling through the markers of black history greatly impacted Austin, especially the lynching exhibit. How has learning the history of people of color impacted you? Has it changed your world view?



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