DiversifyIT is hosting its 2nd Living (IT) While Black on July 16th

Join DiversifyIT Thursday for an Open Mic | “Living (IT) While Black” from  3-4:30 p.m.
For the Zoom link, please contact diversifyit-info@duke.edu or join the Mailing List.  If you would like to participate as a storyteller or submit your story, please fill out the Sign up form.

We are asking all event participants to commit to the session norms and commitments in order to provide integrity and support for the storytellers.

Session Norms
• Engage with empathy and seek to understand.
• Our different dimensions of diversity and historical contexts may not be the same.
• Speak Your Own Truth – “Own Your Experience,” Listen For Others’ Truth.
• We do not condone any hateful remarks or comments of any kind. Any such remarks will result in the individual’s being asked to leave the conversation.

Participant Commitments
As an IT Leader, I commit to:
• Respond authentically to staff. The goal is to support the person sharing and not expose vulnerability.
• Accept “I don’t know” or “I didn’t know” as a response you may have.
• Respect privacy and confidentiality. It makes sense that you might want to share the content and lessons learned from a participant. Please do not share attributable or identifying information.

As an IT Contributor, I commit to:
• Be authentic and taking a chance to be heard.
• Communicate with the intent to generate conversation. Please draw participants in.
• Make an IT connection. We are full and brilliant people with great life experiences. This is our chance to shine light on specific experiences in the IT field where it might not otherwise be heard.
• Center the identity of race.


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